How to Put an Apricot Twist on Ramadan

Apricot paste,$1.99, Sara’s Market and Bakery in Richardson.

The month of Ramadan is full of spiritual awareness, celebration of life–and good food.

Author Salma Abdelnour recently shared her  experience breaking the fast at Ramadan with Here is an excerpt. Click on  for the full story.

Here is her memory of a recent Ramadan in Lebanon and her tip for a tasty apricot nectar you can make at home.   “For instance, based on my experience, the very first thing you have is some dates or dried fruits, to kind of ease into eating after having spent all those hours fasting. It’s a shock to the system to suddenly introduce food. So you start small and have this sweet bite. Then you have glasses of apricot nectar, which is pretty thick, sweet apricot juice, which I loved.

There is a way to make the apricot drink at home. Buy a package of dried apricot paste (found in Middle Eastern or specialty food markets) and cut the apricot paste into six or seven strips. Put the strips in a bowl with 5 or 6 cups of boiling water, let it sit covered for about five hours. They will dissolve together into a thick nectar, then refrigerate it and serve.”

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