Fall, Food and Fun: 10 Tips For The Coming Months

Fall 2012 officially starts this Saturday. We, at Sara’s Market and  Bakery, could not be more ready for the can’t-come-soon-enough cool weather, pumpkin-flavored everything and warm, toasty foods. Here’s a list of our favorite culinary ways to enjoy the fall and winter seasons. Please join in the conversation and post a comment below with your favorite edible tips for the coming months.

1. Use an indoor grill.

One of the biggest advantages of using an indoor grill is that you can still cook healthy, grilled meats without having to head out in chilly weather or, in Texas’ case, downpours. Below is a recipe for grilled chicken kabobs but beef and lamb work equally well. Remember, Sara’s has an excellent selection of Halal meats.


 2. Pasta, pasta, pasta!

Everyone knows why pasta is the perfect warm-weather dish. It’s easy to make and there’s limitless possibilities. In addition to the great bounty of autumn vegetables, try adding hearty meats like chicken, lamb, or steak to warm you up on the cooler fall nights.



 3. When you’re sick of pasta, use zucchini!

After you have exceeded your limit on pasta, use your vegetable peeler to make zucchini strips that can be used just like pasta. It’s healthy, fun for the kids, and will help you get out of your carbohydrate rut.


4. Plan out a week’s worth of meals on Sunday.

Instead of getting take-out because cooking dinner just seems too daunting, have meals in the freezer that are easy to just pop in the oven. Below is an article to help answer any questions about planning meals ahead of time. Make life easier and use those lazy Sundays to plan ahead for the next week or even the next month.


 5. Make hearty salads.

When fall rolls around, everyone wants to make hearty soups and casseroles. Turn a salad into a full meal with chickpeas, black beans and soft cheeses. Below are two recipes with ingredients you can find at Sara’s. Embrace the fall weather with these substantial salads.



6. Use a slow cooker.

Simply add everything in the slow cooker before you leave in the morning and the meal will be done when you walk through the door that night. Make sure when using slow cooker recipes to note time and temperatures. Below, you will find three recipes to get you through to the spring season.




 7. Make your own pizza with pita bread.

One of our customer’s favorite suggestions for our pita bread is to make easy pizzas.  Throw on your favorite toppings, like figs and goat cheese, and toss it in an oven or skillet. Sara’s is a pizza-topping haven, with a plethora of fresh produce and a variety of cheeses to satisfy any craving.


 8. Enjoy the apples!

And don’t worry about them spoiling. Here are some great ideas on how to keep apples fresh to take to work or school as well as interesting ways to enjoy the fall fruit. Apple nachos, anyone? And don’t forget the Nutella—it’s your apple’s best friend.





9. Change up the grilled cheese!

Forget about the traditional grilled cheese. It’s all about finding new delicious combinations. Next time, add avocados, spinach, pesto–maybe even bananas? Sara’s features everything you need to make the best pan-fried sandwich or use the indoor grill and non-stick spray to make it a bit healthier.




 10. Go Nuts!

Pack a big protein-packed snack with one of Sara’s selection of packaged nuts.. Sara’s features bulk packages of pistachios, almonds, walnuts and cashews. We also have great mixes of multiple nuts with fun flavors like barbeque or lemon.




Let us know what you think about these tips and don’t forget to add some of your own. We always are looking for good ideas – yours just might be our next Facebook or blog post!


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  1. Thanks for linking to my chicken crock pot recipe! Going to have to check out these other great links.

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