Fun Finds: Specialty Produce

Sara’s has an extensive selection of produce from around the world. This month’s fun finds explores some interesting uses and unique recipes for some of these fascinating fruits. What is your favorite fruit from Sara’s? Comment here, facebook or on twitter!


This beautiful, red fruit is a symbol for prosperity and abundance in practically every civilization. Pomegranates have been linked to lowering the risk of heart disease, cancer, and other diseases. The fruit is rich in antioxidant, having more antioxidants than green tea. Because of its outstanding medical benefits, doctors have named it a “superfood.” Besides the health benefits, pomegranate seeds are a delicious addition to any dish, even olives!


 Hami Melon

Hami melons have yellow skin with green streaks but juicy orange flesh. This fruit has a sweeter flavor and crunchier texture than a cantaloupe. Add a slice of fresh ginger, salt or some lime juice to serve for breakfast. The melon is abundant in vitamins, calcium, iron and phosphorus. Start of your day right with this melon and some greek yogurt or rejuvenate your day with some Sweet Soup for lunch!


Red and green Cactus Pears

 Don’t judge this fruit by its outside appearance! This delicious fruit tastes like a sweet watermelon. The juice is great for adding natural sugar to any dish or making dishes colorful with its neon meat. Below is a link for how to prepare a cactus pear with step-by-step directions. This fruit is worth the extra work as one pear is only about 40 calories and is an excellent source of vitamin C and fiber.


Cherimoya is known as a Custard Apple in England. Like an apple, cherimoyas have a rich and creamy pulp with a hint of sweetness. It makes a great addition to any dessert. When buying cherimoyas, look for one that is slightly under-ripened. This fruit is easy to prepare, just cut length-wise and scoop out the large black seeds. Then throw it on salads, yogurt or pastries.


Fuyu Persimmons

The fuyu persimmions is easily identified by its rounded “beefsteak” tomato shape. These pumpkin-colored fruit are a great substitute to apples and pears in fall dishes. Their texture is sweet and crisp. The persimmons can be paired with virtually anything including nutmeg, ginger, pistachios, figs, bitter greens, mozzarella.


Forelle Pears

Although the smallest kind of pear, the forelle pear is one of the most colorful variety. It stands out with its red lenticles, or freckles. Its small size makes it the perfect fruit for putting on cakes or just plain snacking!


Dried Barberries

Also known as the “holy thorn” or sowberry, barberries are small dried sweet and sour berries from the Mediterranean. This dried fruit starts off green but turns red in the fall. In the winter, barberries can be used to fight colds and fevers. They are rich in vitamin C and will stimulate your immune system. It’s easy to use this dried fruit because they will stay fresh in the refrigerator for several months. Next time you make a bag of trail mix, substitute dried barberries for cranberries or raisins.



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