Spice Up Your Holiday Meal

Are you looking for a new recipe for your holiday meal?  How about a pomegranate-glazed turkey with wild rice and goat cheese stuffing? Sara’s has all the holiday fixings for your Thanksgiving meals, new or traditional.

Check out Sara’s Halal turkeys. Halal turkeys allow you to have the best quality meat for your holiday meal. To learn more about Halal meats, check out our previous blog about Sara’s Halal meats. Make this holiday special with this pomegranate-glazed turkey with wild rice and goat cheese stuffing.

Check out this great video about how to cook a moist, and perfectly cooked turkey.  The video shows you how to flip the turkey when you are cooking, to make sure the dark meat gets done while the white meat doesn’t get overdone.


Sara’s has a variety of options for everyone to have their favorite on Thanksgiving. Check out the recipes below for lamb and chicken.






The perfect holiday dinner needs the perfect side dishes. Want to spice up Thanksgiving but keep your traditional turkey? Check out the links below for some great Mediterranean side dishes.







No dinner is complete without a sweet treat. Below are two recipes that highlight Mediterranean flavors without compromising the traditional holiday flavors!




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