Sara’s Tips for New Year’s Eve Appetizers

The holidays may almost be over but the cooking is not! Sara’s has some great ideas for a simple and stress free New Year’s Eve party. Ring in the New Year Mediterranean-style with some fun and inventive appetizers.

Our aisles are full of prepared snacks and treats for you to feed your own guests or bring as a gift to any type of party.



The first popular idea is to bring a variety of olives. Sara’s has a selection of Kalamata olives or green olives. Some great additions to any party would be the garlic stuffed olives.



Don’t forget about the always favorite hummus and pita bread! We have several different brands of hummus or find all the fixings s to make your own! Here is a basic recipe but you can easily change it up with unique ingredients all around Sara’s.



If you are looking for a hot appetizer, try an easy pita pizza. It’s simple as grabbing some of Sara’s famous pita bread, some marinara sauce, cheese, halal pepperoni and some of our fresh produce. The combinations are endless but if you need inspiration, check out the helpful link below.

Making a vegetable platter couldn’t be easier with Sara’s selection of fresh vegetables. Make your platter more interesting with a Mediterranean inspired dip with Greek yogurt and feta. Everything you need to know is in the link below.

Need something more filling for your party? Or maybe even a new vegetarian appetizer? Check out the link for a twist on the usual falafel recipe using fresh beets and chickpeas.,50026

If you need more ideas, here is a great link with more recipes using fun ingredients like grape leaves, lamb and pomegranate molasses. Have fun creating new twists on the Mediterranean classics!

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