Eating Better with Sara’s in 2013

As soon as January rolls around, we feel like we need to re-evaluate and make healthier decisions. The holidays definitely take a toll on our stress level and determination to eat right. Most diets, including the three below, are more about portion control and choosing the healthier options for our bodies. At Sara’s Market and Bakery, we do not endorse any diet but highlight the main points of a few of the most popular diets. Each diet is customizable to your life and you can find many of the products you need at Sara’s Market and Bakery.

Mediterranean Diet

Each Mediterranean county has their own style and signature dishes but there are a few staples that seem to occur in all of the Mediterranean countries like olive oil, beans and nuts. Please read this information on the Mediterranean Diet for more detailed steps including recipes and a sample. Also note how it compares to other diets and your lifestyle.

The U.S. News and World Report ranked the Mediterranean diet the third best diet because it is easy to follow and promotes healthy eating through your lifetime, instead of a short-term success. The diet adapts easily to your daily life because it only takes a few changes, like substituting olive oil for butter and eating less red meat.



The idea behind the diet is to eat around 1,500 calories a day in order to lose weight. Throughout the day you should be consuming a good amount of protein like Greek yogurt, nuts and produce such as spinach or asparagus. At Sara’s you will find there are a lot of different ways to increase your protein levels without eating mass amounts of red meat.  Keep in mind, these numbers were calculated by using a sedentary lifestyle. So if you move a lot during the day or work out on a regular basis, you will need to adjust the calorie intake and protein levels to fit your lifestyle.

Paleo Diet

There has been a lot of hype in the news around the Paleo, or rather the Paleolithic, Diet. Supporters believe people need to get back to the basics (like caveman basics) to root out modern diseases. Skeptics believe that our bodies have adapted to eat foods unavailable to cavemen in ancient times. To read more specifics about the diet, check out this link:

The basic principle is to eat less processed food because modern-day food has led to greater numbers of obesity, diabetes, and different types of cancer. The diet promotes food that we are biologically designed to eat, which does not include grains, sugar and other processed foods.


Although the diet has many restrictions, there is a good amount of food you can eat to follow the diet. You can find all of the basics at Sara’s. You can eat as many vegetables as you want (as long as they aren’t deep-fried). If you are a meat-lover, then this is the diet for you. Like the Mediterranean diet, olive oil is highly suggested for cooking. Fruits will give you the natural sugar the body craves. Nuts will provide energy to get through the day. The Paleo diet does not prohibit dairy. The decision to cut it out of the diet is up to each person.

Eat like a caveman all day long because the diet believes that someone cannot overeat on the diet due to the food being so filling. Please read the meal plans, recipes and additional information to decide if this diet is right for you.

Weight Watchers

U.S. News and World Report named Weight Watchers the #1 Best Weight Loss Diet as well as the Easiest Diet to Follow in 2012. The popular diet is flexible and works with your everyday life. Although you must pay to enroll in the program, you choose what food to eat on the diet. The program has even developed easy tools such as mobile apps and barcode scanners for you to shop anywhere you want.

Weight Watchers is pretty simple as it assigns a point value to all foods based on the nutritional value. Each day you get a certain number of points based on your current weight and goal weight. The goal is to eat more foods rich in protein (like those discussed in the other diets: olive oil, nuts, vegetables) that will keep you filled up during the day.  One unique distinction is that Weight Watchers integrates exercise into your meal plans so you can gain more points by exercising and work towards a goal.

Here are some weight loss blogs that will help with recipes and encouragement:


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