Dry Mlukia Leaves Recipe

Dry Mlukia leaves
1 cube Maggie chicken flavor
broth from the chicken or lamb
Fresh cilantro
1 pinch Coriander,
1 pinch Salt
2 to 3 fresh Garlic or garlic powder
1/3 tsp. Tomato paste
Fresh Lemmon

Place dry Mlukia in boiling water. Boil until soft.  Strain Mlukia wash and sauté with little vegetable oil. Keep sating until almost cooked. Add  Maggi cube chicken broth.
Dissolve  1/3teasp. tomato paste in 2 tab spoons water and add to Mlukia (this will make the Mlukia not  slimy). Add garlic, salt and chopped fresh cilantro to taste. The Mlukia should be more then the broth. Add the chicken or meat and let simmer.

(Cut fresh Lemmon in 1/2 and squeeze on to the Mlukia to eat. )

Optional: pine Nuts
Amount desired golden brown in vegetable oil and place on top of Mlukia.

Chicken or Lamb
Fresh chicken or lamb
1 Onions
Pinch  Salt
Pinch Black pepper
Pinch All spice
All spices are to taste.

Wash desired chicken part with vinegar or Wash lamb with water. Rinse well. Place washed chicken or lamb in pot cover with water.  Add 1 onion cut into 4 pcs, salt, pepper, allspice To taste. Start with pinch.  Bring chicken to a boil taste broth to see if you want to add more salt, pepper or all allspice.

Cover and let cook. Check chicken in 25 to 30 minutes to if done.  Lamb might take longer

1 cup jasmine. or any med rice
1/2 cups water
1 tabsp  veg oil
1 tabsp butter
Hand full Vermicelli

Sauté vermicelli  in oil after golden.
Add water,  salt, pepper and butter in put bring to boil.
Wash rice and place in boiling water.  Stir rice in water cover and turn down heat. Check in 10 min to see if done.

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