Kick Off Spring with a Picnic


Portable Food Ideas for Kids of All Ages

Spring has officially sprung and it’s a great time to spend doing activities outside. Over the next couple of months, you will be able to enjoy multiple moveable feasts around our community.

A picnic can be in your backyard, on the beach or on a blanket. Spring and fall are times of especially nice weather in Richardson and the city offers several great areas for picnics for kids of all ages ( For example, not only is Galatyn Park a growing business center, but families can splash around in the Texas Instruments Community Fountain, walk the North Duck Creek Trail that runs parallel to the light rail line, or enjoy the Galatyn Woodland Preserve which features an animal sculpture playground, horseshoe pits, picnic areas and wetland ponds.

Another great picnic area is the Spring Creek Nature Areal, which offers two miles of hike and bike trails, picnic tables, scenic rest stops and even a horseshoe pit. The trail links with the Galatyn Park Woodland Preserve.

Duck Creek is a multi-use trail with a plaza, picnic facilities, playground equipment and ponds. Breckinridge Park has 4.5 miles of trails and includes 12 soccer fields, woodlands, three ponds, picnic facilities and restroom facilities.

And don’t forget picture-perfect Cottonwood Park, with its beautiful Cottonwood trees and family friendly amenities when thinking about an fun meal outside.


Healthy Picnic Ideas 

When creating a picnic menu, think of foods that can be eaten cold or hot. Finger foods are always popular.

Sara’s offers a full range of picnic-ready items. Starting with great produce is key to creating delicious healthy meals that will make your picnic a success. Here are some fun finger foods:

• Tadium-roasted sunflower seeds.

Also comes in white chickpeas, double roasted yellow chickpeas, salted chickpeas, hazelnut kernels, roasted pistachios and classic mixed nuts with fruit

• Dried fruit, including Golden raisins, dry Turkish apricots, and dried Turkish figs. These dried fruits can be mixed and are easy to pack for picnics or come in bulk containers for larger crowds.

• Sesame Cookies provide just the right touch of sweet for outdoor feasts. These cookes are popular throughout the entire Mediterranean belt, from Turkey, to Morocco to Lebanon, Egypt, Syria, etc.

• Cedars pita chips. These chips come in garlic, ranch and pita. Here’s a pita chip recipe (

• Many refreshing beverages such Bavaria non-alcholic beers which come in flavors like apple and peach. Or try an exotic juice like Guava, Mango, Sour Cherry, Passion Fruit or Lychee.

• Fresh produce such as apples, blood oranges, bananas, plums, apricots, peaches and pears.

• Beef and chicken frankfurters from al safa (


Great Grilling Ideas Start With Halal Meat

And you can add a little sizzle to your adventure by grilling easily handled foods such as pre-made kebobs or meat skewers. Most picnic areas offer outdoor grilling areas. These fun summer recipes ( use fresh meats like lamb and juicy fruits like melons and peaches. Grab some pita and enjoy the tastes of summer with these kabobs. Or change up regular chicken kabobs with this surprising meal (

You’ll find excellent quality halal meat only at Sara’s!

Bon Apetit!

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