Goodbye Winter, Hello SUN

200288092-001The month of March is a time to celebrate the exit of winter and make way for spring. The nights are growing short as the sun shines longer each day in Spring. Many celebrations occur throughout this month all over the world. And many of our North Texas friends come from countries with rich Sprintime celebrations.  Whether you grew up celebrating Carnavale in Spanish speaking countries, love the Mardi Gras atmosphere of our neighbors in Louisiana, embrace the blooming of the Cherry Blossom trees in Asia, or take the time to notice the longer days and shorter nights we join you in welcoming spring!

Do you have a ritual for saying goodbye to the winter months, or do you do something special each spring as a family? Do you choose these warming days to picnic near the lake? Take walks in the parks near you? Whatever ways to choose to welcome the warm weather, pack up a healthy snacks and get outside!

Tips on Healthful Snacking:

  • Spring is a time for fresh produce! Come walk our aisles of veggies to pick out healthy salad ingredients for dinner tonight. Top it off with some of our cheeses for extra protein
  • A handful of healthy fat nuts like almonds, or walnuts are a great chemical/preservative/sugar free snacks you can easily take on the go, so much better than grabbing a candy bar or bag of chips, plus they are full of healthy fats and oils like DHA which are essential for optimum body functioning. We have quite a selection of nuts in our produce department
  • Grab some fresh fruit as you head out the door! Think “portable” such as bananas, oranges, dates, plums, peaches, cherry tomatoes, or raisins. We have a large supply of exotic fruits here at Sara’s_DSC4475
  • Never eat out of the bag! Always give yourself a serving (think ½ a deck of cards for size comparison) and put the bag away so you’re not tempted to eat 2 or 3 more servings
  • Grab a bag full of our fresh made pitas, spread with peanut butter and jelly or hummus and you have a portable sandwich to eat on your way anywhere

Explore the public recreation areas in your town, take the family pet for a long walk, walk the trails, visit a playground, get some fresh air! We all feel better after we’ve been active. You’ll thank us later 😉

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